What is Time?

April 2, 2018

By: The Black Gypsy

The things that we expect are never true or will never happen unless we have expectations that are capable of being granted and fulfilled by the being.

I think expectation is just another word for assumption or levels set of only ones self. Unless it’s a hypocritical oath.

We control the sunlight .

We control if a smile will be put on our faces or not. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it seems like it’s not going to happen.

Everything goes according to our fate. Some things just can’t be controlled .

The things that can be controlled should be observed and tweaked only at the individuals hand.

One must wager and walk on the edges of brimstone and soothing waves.

Or one can choose guides from the divine that are scattered about throughout the universe.

Time is so paramount, it has become almost transparent to the point of well it doesn’t matter about the concept, but rather where our focus lies.

Time is of the essence and we have things that we would love to accomplish. But how do you know if you are suppose to or you just want to ?

The difference is the things that bring you the most joy when you were younger and felt the most free, is the thing you should do the rest of your life.

Don’t have anything you loved doing since you were a kid? Well, think about the things you thought about doing every since you were a kid. For me, it’s my music. I wanted to play since I was 8. But I couldn’t afford any instrument. Now it’s a different story, I have Sylvester, my guitar 🎸 with me.

Now, I don’t need anything else when I travel, but the bare essentials.

The point of this blog is to inspire others to find their inner selves again.

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