Oh Life


By: The Black Gypsy

Oh Life…

Life has taken me shaken me

Tumbled upon me, trampled upon my soul

What are the best decisions to make?

How do you know if you don’t experience the ways and the decisions.

I wanted to chase the stars and ride the moon

I wanted to see the world and all the ruined ruins

I did what I did

I went where I went

One thing I realized is it’s all the same

The same type of people

One other thing I realized was it’s not what you do or who you know,

It’s about what makes you happy

What makes you smile 😃

I want to be happy

I think everyone wants a soulmate

Or someone to spend time






Care for

The purpose of this life is to take chances. I’ve taken one or two Myself that didn’t pay off. The payoff is never guaranteed.

Moving on and moving forward right now is the best thing for me .


What is it that I’m doing and going?

Knock knock? Whose at the 🚪?

It’s opportunity

It’s positivity

It’s sunshine ☀️


I am the Black Gypsy

Bringing all those a good sight.

To bring the positivity out here of life

We shall not worry no more.

Adversity will never win.

The times of struggles and hard times are no more.

The mindset of success is here.

Let’s switch it up and change gears

Let’s be happy

See the sky as 🌌 clear

So mote it be

Tomorrow, for it is a new journey of positivity

As positivity is a constant and daily way

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