A new journey awaits

The Black Gypsy

So as I get ready to depart from Mexico, i think to myself, wow i have friends here and can come back at any time. My life here was complete as I made it. I was able to complete my work for my company, process everything enough in my head to be where i need to now. I wrote my new song, called “Derailed.” Its meant to sound deranged and sickening, just like my Ex.


Derail talks about the levels in life that one must go through, but sometimes the train gets derailed and inexplicably falls off the tracks of life. Sometimes, there is no hope for the ones that create the bad karma for themselves.


Me, The Black Gypsy will no longer feel guilty or live in misery due to the unanswered mysteries of life and my failed relationship. The best thing to do when you are going through a rough patch is to record it, and turn it into a positive. Is there not a saying that says:

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade

Well, I take it a step further. What is the representation of the water in which you use to make your lemonade? It’s the emotions that you have inside, the lemons are the struggles of past times and adversity. The sugar is the good times and sweet moments that life may bring, be it how small a number it is, it still, however, exists.


So once you bring all of those things together, then my friends, you will have the fuel behind manifesting your own destiny and deciphering your passions.


The Black Gypsy Says:

Don’t give up


Brush the Dirt off your shoulders.


Get Up


When life tries to bring you down


know a Fantasy from a Truth



Be True To  Yourself


Bless others that you may merrily meet.


For I AM The Black Gypsy.

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