How to make it through the confines of Time

By: The Black Gypsy

Photography of a bunker at BunkART in Tirana, Albania.

50 Spiritual Classics is a reminder that the quest for material security alone doesn’t satisfy the soul.

You can have your own studio, brand new car, and even all the money you need to get by for life. But it’s not enough. It won’t bring you happiness unless it’s found within. sometimes we learn lessons the hard way. Sometimes we learn the easy way, but sometimes we never learn. What makes a person stubborn to the point of not listening to their own soul or heart even for that matter?

It’s important to be happy and true to who you are and what you want in this life. What if it was as easy as just asking for what you want, believing it to come true, but also visualizing that you have already obtained it?

Magic plays apart in our bridges and connections to our dire desires. A simple wish, a special seal, or anything for magical use can help you obtain what your destiny should be.



Black Gypsy says The light always shine through

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