Finding the Unknowns

I don’t give a fuck what anyone has to say to me.


Fill the air with your criticisms but i will stand be standing

So what if I wear a Fanny pack so what if I have a fro and just like to sport a nice Turkish shawl.



Who cares about what others think and what others should wear?


You don’t define me or who I am as a person.

You can’t say when to come or when to go?

Since I was 15 and started making my own money, I have always chased my own pursuits and sought out to just LIVE. Some are fortunate than others to be born of a more savory cloth.

but just know that there is always YOU :
your mannerisms, your attitude, the things you do and the way you do them,


there’s only one you
so make the best you
The Black Gypsy says :

All you can do is be positive and hope that the next day will be the best one yet to come. Always wanting to grow and evolve constantly and consistently is the key to something meaningful. Selfish desires won’t get you to the light.

Go into the darkest places to learn some things about life. Discovering the unknowns that society or life has left behind.


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