The way I see it

By: The Black Gypsy

I’m not religious. I don’t believe in the man with horns. Because if it were true he would’ve gotten me a long time ago. My light is just too strong and whoever brought me here said I’m not leaving until finished and done.

Why do I feel so misunderstood
To where nobody can reach me
Or even rescue me?

There’s not enough rope to tie me down. There are not enough miles created that i cant walk. The world can be a cruel place. It’s not the world, rather than whos in it.


During the process of watering your wine, the circumstances that are surrounding you in life can bring you down. Sometimes you may have a frown on your face because things seem like they aren’t going to work out in your favor.


There have been many more before us that have accomplished great deals and astronomical Feats.



That’s what life can sometimes bring. I love being on my own because it’s true, I hate facing reality. In my world, there are no more feelings of blue. I exist just to be a vessel and complete things.

In the physical realm, we all have to water our wine.  -Meaning we must bear fruit then grow wisdom in others to complete the reason for our very existence. Don’t know the times and trials and dates. But i do know we all have them. It’s important to find and identify them so we can help others because, at the end of it all, we all have to share this world.

We have no control when we were to leave.

We have no knowledge of how.

It’s just the way the world is.


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

– Helen Keller
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