Why Positivity is important?

By: The Black Gypsy

The apartment shown in my featured image is where i grew up since i was nine years old until I finally made an out at seventeen. 

Why positive energy is important

     Life can be hard from the time you were born. You could have different speech impediments that cause you social anxiety your early years. You could even be facing death itself every single day. Those are things that we can not control.


     However, the mindset of what we allow in our minds have a direct impact on our lives as a result of our thoughts: be it positive or negative. A child who is three years old can not control their circumstances , as a child in general.

Me at approximately 6 years old

     Myself as a being, knew positivity was deemed necessary for my survival, as of the daggers and spades I’ve been dealt.

Thankfully, My mother, brought me into my life of Astrology. From then on, Spirituality has always been apart of me.

     I began reading tarot cards when I was just thirteen years old. Once that happened, I found another way to connect with the divine by the energy I give out and put into the cards.

     Energy is everywhere and you feel it the moment you walk into a room or the moment you wake up.

Appreciate the world as it is, not how you would like it to be -Epictetus

Why I Travel

Life is so big and we are just morsels in the scope of things.

We are vessels 🚢 meant to sail away in the deep blue and lift those up with life savers , within reason.

Traveling is a dire part of my life that i feel i must do from here on until the day i die. When you travel, its like a break away from the real world. I love escaping and giving myself the time to relax. Even if its just a drive a hour away, its better than not leaving your hometown ever. Period.


There is more to life than meets the eye. Meaning, there is more to life than just you.

Some things are in our control

Others are not. We have no control over how the dice of life are cast. What we control is the hand we play once they are thrown.

Appreciate the world as it is, not how you would like it to be -Epictetus

A Temple in Goa, India 
Langkawi, Malaysia

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