Life has a funny of showing you :Karma

The art of Manifesting your dreams and destiny.

By: The Black Gypsy – In Albania

Excerpts from The Art of Manifesting by Gregg Braden

Did you know that the brain creates electricity, but the heart is stronger than the brain? Hence why we feel more intense, and its harder to conjure the electrical field from the brain.

The things that we find , we should already see it in our future and therefore, it exists.

love and the opposite of love is Fear for most.

An affirmation is only a thought

UNLESS we put energy into what we are thinking, when we marry the thought and the energy, i.e.. time, focus, and passions in our hearts, then the divine will give unto us our very desires.

Do you know about the little brain in our hearts?

I’m inviting you to shift your thinking mind into your heart





So whenever you feel in doubt or not sure of something or yourself, just think and feel one of those feelings, and you will very well be on your way to manifesting your dreams.

For a Gypsy cannot escape the destiny to travel

you cannot escape your past to inspire and to guide others in some shape or form.

You can’t escape your karma.

When you treat people bad , don’t think you gotten away with anything just because you haven’t been caught yet . Life has a funny way of showing everyone whose boss.

The life you may try to take, may turn out to be your very own that can’t save.

For I am the Black Gypsy, bringing good and positivity to everyone I may merrily meet.

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