The way we see the world

By: The Black Gypsy

The way I saw the world is completely different than how everyone else sees the world .

The struggles of the people of today is no exaggeration at Any sense. But do you know how or if there is a way to control that destiny or that happening?

Pema Chodron – The places that may scare you

Why not worry about what really makes us happy and not what Deter us from it. I always wondered how come people can’t just let IT exist into the world i.e. Their short comings and upbringings. You will be surprised how many people or spirits are in tuned with you.

This society that we feel exists: Is it really practical or are we living in a simulation of a life that we think exists in a hyper real existence if we seek it and feel that it’s there .



Very interesting how I have come to this conclusion .

The world that is or is it even there in the first place. The world . Such a quaint thrown around term that we use consistently. What If it really is a facade or what If it really is what we make it. But then again, what is “real” if nothing real exists anymore and there is only simulation and action.

What is the self If the world is a facade.

We become our environment, and we become the world. What is there to fear if we already are in our environment which is full of negativity and it becomes us. What is there to really pursue? How to escape that reality of what you have been knowing for so long of a time. 


I think you find and come to the conclusion of peace and harmony by understanding what’s around you and come to a self realization that it’s there and you can change it. Once you complete the realization stage , then you are able to find yourself . Only then are you able to find yourself.

What does it mean to be awakened?_____________________________________

A.) Using divinity to decipher meaning.

B.) Opening to different perspectives

C.)The ability to create Art. I.e. Music, prose, literature, or any subject involving the humanities.IMG_5030.jpg


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