The Building Blocks of the Soul

My mind can never not be busy

I must keep going mentally strong . If not I become bored and dissatisfied.

Richard Bach

Something will always be changing and the world is always in motion. There are sides to this madness of which we cannot understand or cannot be foreseen.

We are vessels to entities and nothing more.

Self importance isn’t just important

Says Don Juan

It’s best to be yourself rather than worry bout what anyone thinks of you

For you are only doing the supposed work of entities.

However the power lies in the choices that are made.

Jonathan Livingston’s Seagull Commentary

I want to chime in on fear , anger, and boredom: those aren’t the only things that cost a short life.

You also have DEPRESSION : which is a clinical diagnosis. I feel you also have resentment which also relates to bitterness.

You also can be non contentment or

Predisposed to a life of

lonliness and addictions.

Where does one find those tinder moments. Where it’s sprinkled with joy .

The rarest of treasures are sought out to be found, but why search for rarity when sureness is exact.

I’m basically saying why search and go after the hard lessons or Hard things , and challenges  if you know of an easier road.

We have different paths and we choose to go the routes you want to go down or follow. We all have our fates, neither should be measured as good or bad.

Rather just experiences and learned knowledge. I say this because I feel like there are lessons we need to learn that goes with the consequences of each path you should follow. I know my soul as I know my heart. And also what comes along with it.

Either I’m going to do something or not :with or without marijuana so that’s why I know I’m not addicted.

I look at the world as not just a half empty or full glass; rather how did it get the substance in its glass the first place. What does it contain, and why there is a substance in there. Also , it depends on what is in the glass , that which means it’s a good way to look at the glass or not.


Example , what if the glass contained filth or a foul substance?


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