The Civilties of Life

July 13,2018

I think the world should know some things but all things are not common sense.


What bond do we have with our lost ones that we feel accustomed to feeling like lesser a person when it is physically gone from our lives?

I know one thing about my mother . Actually I know only a few things. I knew she was a Virgo, I knew she loved to dance. I knew she wanted to sing at every chance she got.


The life of what we have to create is all that we have. Manifestation is believing in what you see for yourself already. Sometimes in life the cards that are dealt for us are dealt to us for a reason. Theres no reason in using modals to describe how we feel.

Dont bite the hand that feeds you

2018-04-07 15.04.38-1

All we can do is accept what we see for ourselves and be grateful that we have what we have now and look upon how far we have all come. Theres only a limit to how much farther you can go if you put a limit on it yourself.


I knew no one else in the family knew these things because my family was selfish. It was divided before it even began. Cousins sleeping with cousins, brothers not knowing any kind of boundary or bond unto one another.

So I decided to build my own life and make my own world . Once then , I’ll be happy.

But aren’t we born into this world to help each other ? To form bonds and become one?

It’s time for us to get our lives back and not let the bonds be broken.

There’s so much that I want understand and there’s so much that I will never understand, but I do know we are here, until we aren’t.



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