Be Free

It’s not suppose to be this way…


Today , from here on out I thought it was going to be easy.

Lets combine our way of thinking and focus on soothing our souls and not the end of the world.

Sometimes in life you get so low and where you reached a plateau, where the only way you could go is up.

How far is the ceiling of your accomplishments?

How long are you willing to wait to understand that you have all the power to make things happen?

The most things in life that are precious are things that we can never get back, but the energy is longing for more and more of ourselves.

The Black Gypsy says :

Follow your own heart and listen to the words of higher beings than yourself.

Ask for help from your non physicals when you feel in doubt or don’t think you are able to complete the task that you are destined to do.

Its okay to take a three month sabbatical



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