The World doesn’t know how many souls get eaten up by their own life. What is Fate without Liberty. I didn’t know that i was going to face so much turmoil. But whats even more of a surprise is i didn’t know i was going to remember every single thing i have done in my life. 

Sometimes those memories aren’t so sweet and mellow. My life has been drawn with daggers. My soul is in captivity and i still keep rocking all night long. I feel like a sixty year old because of the daggers that have pierced my heart: but not my soul.

You soul is something that is intractable and cannot be misplaced. In order to leave the past, you have to walk in the future. You have to become a brand new person.

The black gypsy says

You never forget the past. But you can let it grow.

We are merely planted and not buried. Don’t get succumbed by the world’s dirt. Always gain the water or experience of life the divine wants your soul to seek. 

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