Good Enough

When things don’t go your way do you still feel as though you are good enough?

My life began when I recall my father picking up my brother at the age of three and my mother told him don’t do that because he will remember. My father said no I wouldn’t. The rest is history.

In school I always was told I wasn’t good enough. I would get taunted and teased and that made me believe that I was less than everyone else.

When I turned eight, I knew life wasn’t going to be easy or fair.
So I decided to write and write every idea that I had as a way for me to escape my own hell. From Reality.

I turned my words into poetry and my poetry into songs.

I wrote Good Enough because I know someone in life need to hear these words of affirmation.

To the little boy who doesn’t have enough to eat, To the stuttering girl who has trouble to speak, to the bullies that are bullying others because they dont have enough love at home, I understand. I forgive you and I dont hold anything against you.

To everyone who feel like they can’t make it when life throws them things that they dont know how to catch,

The Black Gypsy Says – You ARE good enough.


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