The Story of Happiness

By: The Black Gypsy

Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you think you deserve.

Immanuel Kant – The critique of pure reason
Unlike the stoics , where they believe the pursuit of happiness is secondary to ones duties.

Kierkegaard believes that everyone can be great in the own way.

I say yes, because it all depends on what your definition of great truly is.
Is it a way to be free and live your life to the upmost as you can?

Is it a hobby or a skill that you have pursued for years and years and you seem to have mastered it?
Is it because you go above and beyond, at work? Or is because you BELIEVE in yourself?

Positivity plays a huge part and loving the parts of life that can be hard to love.

You have to not be afraid to go into the dark places because thats how your eyes can get adjusted and you can learn to see .

The Black Gypsy says : Happiness is whatever you believe it to be. It is a place of peace and worry nonexistent .

But is it impenetrable or can it break?

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