Don’t be afraid of mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a powerful time in the universe that happens to make everything debunked for a period of time.

Mercury in retrograde has taught me to gather my focus and belief. Focus is everything when you are in a tough trial or lesson that’s going on in your life.

Since I am a Virgo, mercury is my ruling planet. This means that social communication will not be as smooth and easy going WITHOUT more practice and efficiency.

I use this time as a time to not forgetting about my practices in life that I need daily.

Mediation and meditation is fundamental for the body. Just as life lessons are fundamental for the soul.

So next time you hear of mercury in retrograde, don’t be afraid, just remember your fundamentals, the fundamentals that have kept you alive , and practice practice , and practice!

The Black Gypsy says –

Never lose FOCUS.

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