What does it take to keep the vows you’ve made? It’s a place created by me, Blackeneddagger where I can say whatever I feel and not get destroyed by the masses. I respect and try to spread love in places void of emotion. Us lonely hearts need our own love too ya know? Especially withContinue reading “VOW”

The world

Today  is here Tomorrow may never come for some Half of us  our souls Captured by bubonic rules Suffering fools Captivating history And yet everything a mystery Where is the love Where are our promises From our ancestors All around through the ground and beyond Down and beyond Shine upon light this world Wrap your hands inContinue reading “The world”

Don’t be afraid of mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a powerful time in the universe that happens to make everything debunked for a period of time. Mercury in retrograde has taught me to gather my focus and belief. Focus is everything when you are in a tough trial or lesson that’s going on in your life. Since I am a Virgo,Continue reading “Don’t be afraid of mercury retrograde”

The Story of Happiness

By: The Black Gypsy Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you think you deserve. Immanuel Kant – The critique of pure reason Unlike the stoics , where they believe the pursuit of happiness is secondary to ones duties. Kierkegaard believes that everyone can be great in the own way. I say yes, because it allContinue reading “The Story of Happiness”

Good Enough

When things don’t go your way do you still feel as though you are good enough? My life began when I recall my father picking up my brother at the age of three and my mother told him don’t do that because he will remember. My father said no I wouldn’t. The rest is history.Continue reading “Good Enough”