Peace of Mind

  We all wear a mask: Sometimes in life, the Black is only an illusion, a mask. A mask so nobody can see your soul as being vulnerable. But it’s okay to let your sunshine . Even to those who may dim your light. Though your light may dim, it will never extinguish. Affirmation: TellContinue reading “Peace of Mind”

Knowing yourself, through finding the soul

By :The Black Gypsy Sometimes you must see the world for what it is not, and not what it is. Humans have expectations for ourselves and others that aren’t meant to be apart of the ego . Our souls transgress through different lives when all feels right and the right path is being traveled. HowContinue reading “Knowing yourself, through finding the soul”

At the end of it all

By: The Black Gypsy All I can do is say,”Thank You.” When things don’t go my way or when I don’t know how to decipher between right and wrong or good and bad, I do not question which way the dice are🎲 thrown. Even though they may be proven to be thorns in my neck,Continue reading “At the end of it all”

How to make it through the confines of Time

By: The Black Gypsy Photography of a bunker at BunkART in Tirana, Albania. 50 Spiritual Classics is a reminder that the quest for material security alone doesn’t satisfy the soul. You can have your own studio, brand new car, and even all the money you need to get by for life. But it’s not enough.Continue reading “How to make it through the confines of Time”