One positive thing once a day.

Can’t you just do it yourself? I decided to write this blog because it’s my outlet. It’s definitely a struggle trying to get my bearings back. Especially when you have others in your life that will NEVER see the world as the same way you see it. But for others suffering with mental illness: HopeContinue reading “One positive thing once a day.”

Why I am done with being a veteran and can never be a civilian

Why I wish I wasn’t a veteran. Would love to go back to the psychiatric ward. First off, yes I am a veteran served in combat and saw combat. So please all judgement to yourself. Every since I got out in 2010, Life has yet to start again. I don’t know what I’m doing now,Continue reading “Why I am done with being a veteran and can never be a civilian”

Are you REALLY being Productive?

Are you really being Productive? Or are you lazy? Excerpt from Immanuel Kant Critique of pure reason Sometimes we get boggled down with the cards life has dealt us. That is complete understandable and it’s important to be how problems and circumstances have affected you (if any) in the past. If a cookie is good,Continue reading “Are you REALLY being Productive?”