How to make it through the confines of Time

By: The Black Gypsy Photography of a bunker at BunkART in Tirana, Albania. 50 Spiritual Classics is a reminder that the quest for material security alone doesn’t satisfy the soul. You can have your own studio, brand new car, and even all the money you need to get by for life. But it’s not enough.Continue reading “How to make it through the confines of Time”

Life isn’t meant to be a playground…For some

By the Black Gypsy Life isn’t meant to be a playground FOR some We are all here for a reason. Coming into physical bodies. Suffering from different things that we may choose to not disclose. Like mental health. I love being who I am finally. It took me 30 years. and hospital visits that iContinue reading “Life isn’t meant to be a playground…For some”

What is Time?

April 2, 2018 By: The Black Gypsy The things that we expect are never true or will never happen unless we have expectations that are capable of being granted and fulfilled by the being. I think expectation is just another word for assumption or levels set of only ones self. Unless it’s a hypocritical oath.Continue reading “What is Time?”

How to keep a Positive Attitude

My Mother told me there’d be days like these . Sometime it’s rough and challenging. It’s all apart of life and lessons That are meant to be learned taught. Don’t have the best attitude on the outlook? It’s about not just existing , but being aware of the different vibrations that are around you. IfContinue reading “How to keep a Positive Attitude”

The power of manifestation

The power of manifestation By: The power of manifestation The black gypsy here is saying to don’t forget to dream because when you dream, you manifest your destiny. Don’t think the impossible, Think the right dream for you because we all have different dreams inside of us that could be similar but not the exactContinue reading “The power of manifestation”