The power of manifestation

The power of manifestation By: The power of manifestation The black gypsy here is saying to don’t forget to dream because when you dream, you manifest your destiny. Don’t think the impossible, Think the right dream for you because we all have different dreams inside of us that could be similar but not the exactContinue reading “The power of manifestation”

How to treat your life before you die

3/25/2018 Treat your life before you die. By: The Black Gypsy Life throws you a curve ball sometimes, and you don’t know where to go after the matter. Existing just to exist is unimaginable to a soul as its sole purpose is to experience a new journey and discover the lessons unknown before. In theContinue reading “How to treat your life before you die”

The Benefits of learning a Musical Instrument

By The Black Gypsy 3/24/2018 Confucius, A Chinese philosopher, once said: Music produces a kind of pleasure no human nature can live without. Some start playing a musical instrument at the age of three or later in life. Doesn’t matter when you start, the point is its important to at least play one musical instrument,Continue reading “The Benefits of learning a Musical Instrument”

How to revel in your past

3/23/2018 John Donne Death be not proud . John Donne has always said devotion is given to the dying bodies during their last final words in the world. I wonder what was my mothers? Emily Dickinson wrote about Death all the time. A person is in the hospital due to severe complications and reasons. WhileContinue reading “How to revel in your past”

Brave : The sacrifices and grant your freedom.

Brave By: The Black Gypsy Something that’s in your grasp is over the horizon and into the rainbow. Does it make it intangible or just of the metaphysical?The black gypsy will tell you how to talk to the spiritual and the stars. Let them be your guide. No use in trying to run and hideContinue reading “Brave : The sacrifices and grant your freedom.”

Bewildernment of a soul

By: The Black Gypsy Tired of things not going your way? Still trying to find answers that you may never see? Are you going to be okay with the responses that you have received? These are many questions that I cannot bear to answer myself. I must be a witness to the unknown for IContinue reading “Bewildernment of a soul”

Practices of a vessel

3/20/2018 How can you wrong the universe? I have something to say in a world where nobody else words matters but of the majority. The way this society is built to where we govern our thoughts. The life of tomorrow is what we see at the end of every day and tunnel. O my brothers,Continue reading “Practices of a vessel”