The way we see the world

By: The Black Gypsy The way I saw the world is completely different than how everyone else sees the world . The struggles of the people of today is no exaggeration at Any sense. But do you know how or if there is a way to control that destiny or that happening? Pema Chodron –Continue reading “The way we see the world”

Life has a funny of showing you :Karma

The art of Manifesting your dreams and destiny. By: The Black Gypsy – In Albania Excerpts from The Art of Manifesting by Gregg Braden Did you know that the brain creates electricity, but the heart is stronger than the brain? Hence why we feel more intense, and its harder to conjure the electrical field fromContinue reading “Life has a funny of showing you :Karma”

Why Positivity is important?

By: The Black Gypsy The apartment shown in my featured image is where i grew up since i was nine years old until I finally made an out at seventeen.  Why positive energy is important      Life can be hard from the time you were born. You could have different speech impediments that causeContinue reading “Why Positivity is important?”

Peace of Mind

  We all wear a mask: Sometimes in life, the Black is only an illusion, a mask. A mask so nobody can see your soul as being vulnerable. But it’s okay to let your sunshine . Even to those who may dim your light. Though your light may dim, it will never extinguish. Affirmation: TellContinue reading “Peace of Mind”

At the end of it all

By: The Black Gypsy All I can do is say,”Thank You.” When things don’t go my way or when I don’t know how to decipher between right and wrong or good and bad, I do not question which way the dice are🎲 thrown. Even though they may be proven to be thorns in my neck,Continue reading “At the end of it all”

How to treat your life before you die

3/25/2018 Treat your life before you die. By: The Black Gypsy Life throws you a curve ball sometimes, and you don’t know where to go after the matter. Existing just to exist is unimaginable to a soul as its sole purpose is to experience a new journey and discover the lessons unknown before. In theContinue reading “How to treat your life before you die”

The Benefits of learning a Musical Instrument

By The Black Gypsy 3/24/2018 Confucius, A Chinese philosopher, once said: Music produces a kind of pleasure no human nature can live without. Some start playing a musical instrument at the age of three or later in life. Doesn’t matter when you start, the point is its important to at least play one musical instrument,Continue reading “The Benefits of learning a Musical Instrument”