Welcome to Hodgepodge

My name is Marz Knicely and first, I would like to Thank You for visiting my blog. I created this blog as a safe haven for myself and a way to share positive thoughts and ways to help others. I found myself through spirituality and music.

I am a Veteran who suffers from PTSD and I also suffer from Bi polar and Depression. I also have other disabilities that affect my speaking since birth which causes daily social anxiety in my life, hence why I am an introvert who loves the World Wide Web.

My mother was depressed her entire life, and she took hers December 2016. Her spirit lives on through me, my music, and my ideas.

I am a singer – Songwriter that focuses on writing songs from my experiences in life . My goal is to serve as a vessel to the divine and to help others find their life purpose through utilizing different tools that have been created for us to use.

Please feel free to post positive comments or thoughts as it may help others and may be relatable as well. If you support what this blog is about, check out my music on SoundCloud as well and follow e on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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