Be Free

It’s not suppose to be this way…


Today , from here on out I thought it was going to be easy.

Lets combine our way of thinking and focus on soothing our souls and not the end of the world.

Sometimes in life you get so low and where you reached a plateau, where the only way you could go is up.

How far is the ceiling of your accomplishments?

How long are you willing to wait to understand that you have all the power to make things happen?

The most things in life that are precious are things that we can never get back, but the energy is longing for more and more of ourselves.

The Black Gypsy says :

Follow your own heart and listen to the words of higher beings than yourself.

Ask for help from your non physicals when you feel in doubt or don’t think you are able to complete the task that you are destined to do.

Its okay to take a three month sabbatical



Accessorize Your Life

Lately, its been hard to figure out whats inside of me .So therefore i haven’t been writing.

I do know the day is beautiful and the night is long. Helping people throughout the day makes the time go by faster. I do know that. I remember when i started my production company approximately two years ago. I have been working consistently. So many things must get done that i have so many ideas for. I wish it was able for me to just sit down and write EVERYTHING i wanted to make happen.

Life doesn’t work that way. If its easy getting, its not worth having. Wheres the struggle and tenacity in an entitled family?

How do we accessorize our time ?

How can we divide all the things we need and want to get done ?

Some say schedule, some say planning.

I say whatever WORKS.

We all are different people going for some of the same common goals in the world, because thats just how the universe is designed.

I Can Be Somebody

I know I can be some body

Life Happens for you when you least expect it. When you follow your heart , there’s not a wrong or right answer, it’s just a path that’s different than following your brain.

When mercury in retrograde comes , it makes everything appear slower than it really is.

It’s only a matter of time until we reach our goals, if we’ve been working towards them.

Sometimes life gets you down and you get to a point where you take medication for your worries and problems because the pressure that you’ve bestowed upon yourself feels too overwhelming.

Sometimes the life that you wanted for yourself isn’t discovered until you’ve lived different paths in your life.

Experiences form us and define what we want for ourselves .

There’s a time and a place for everything .

Sometimes you might just wear out your energy

What to do while mercury is in retrograde?

Mercury retrograde-is the time to reflect on us as individuals.

Mercury retrograde lasts from July 25, until August 19.

It’s time to figure which goals are the most important to us and not deter from them.


The Civilties of Life

July 13,2018

I think the world should know some things but all things are not common sense.


What bond do we have with our lost ones that we feel accustomed to feeling like lesser a person when it is physically gone from our lives?

I know one thing about my mother . Actually I know only a few things. I knew she was a Virgo, I knew she loved to dance. I knew she wanted to sing at every chance she got.


The life of what we have to create is all that we have. Manifestation is believing in what you see for yourself already. Sometimes in life the cards that are dealt for us are dealt to us for a reason. Theres no reason in using modals to describe how we feel.

Dont bite the hand that feeds you

2018-04-07 15.04.38-1

All we can do is accept what we see for ourselves and be grateful that we have what we have now and look upon how far we have all come. Theres only a limit to how much farther you can go if you put a limit on it yourself.


I knew no one else in the family knew these things because my family was selfish. It was divided before it even began. Cousins sleeping with cousins, brothers not knowing any kind of boundary or bond unto one another.

So I decided to build my own life and make my own world . Once then , I’ll be happy.

But aren’t we born into this world to help each other ? To form bonds and become one?

It’s time for us to get our lives back and not let the bonds be broken.

There’s so much that I want understand and there’s so much that I will never understand, but I do know we are here, until we aren’t.



The Building Blocks of the Soul

My mind can never not be busy

I must keep going mentally strong . If not I become bored and dissatisfied.

Richard Bach

Something will always be changing and the world is always in motion. There are sides to this madness of which we cannot understand or cannot be foreseen.

We are vessels to entities and nothing more.

Self importance isn’t just important

Says Don Juan

It’s best to be yourself rather than worry bout what anyone thinks of you

For you are only doing the supposed work of entities.

However the power lies in the choices that are made.

Jonathan Livingston’s Seagull Commentary

I want to chime in on fear , anger, and boredom: those aren’t the only things that cost a short life.

You also have DEPRESSION : which is a clinical diagnosis. I feel you also have resentment which also relates to bitterness.

You also can be non contentment or

Predisposed to a life of

lonliness and addictions.

Where does one find those tinder moments. Where it’s sprinkled with joy .

The rarest of treasures are sought out to be found, but why search for rarity when sureness is exact.

I’m basically saying why search and go after the hard lessons or Hard things , and challenges  if you know of an easier road.

We have different paths and we choose to go the routes you want to go down or follow. We all have our fates, neither should be measured as good or bad.

Rather just experiences and learned knowledge. I say this because I feel like there are lessons we need to learn that goes with the consequences of each path you should follow. I know my soul as I know my heart. And also what comes along with it.

Either I’m going to do something or not :with or without marijuana so that’s why I know I’m not addicted.

I look at the world as not just a half empty or full glass; rather how did it get the substance in its glass the first place. What does it contain, and why there is a substance in there. Also , it depends on what is in the glass , that which means it’s a good way to look at the glass or not.


Example , what if the glass contained filth or a foul substance?


Evolution of the Mind

By: The Black Gypsy


I know I’ve evolved if I take a look at something that I couldn’t understand 5 years later.  Then you pick up the exact same thing and you understand a little more each and every single day.

     The universe is something that can’t be identified into one setting or instance. We only have our experiences and senses in our lives.

The Universe and the way the world works

     Some have more than others of either.  As the world turns, what does one molecule matter? Is it the same in perspective or context by us beings one small vessel in the world, the universe.

     Hence some things, we will never be able to control. Some were born into an advantage of this world. But whose to judge and whose to say? Is that really an advantage? Towards Happiness.

     It’s not just to make a decision that you may or may not regret. Whose to say that decision was going to change your world for the better?

     Positivity plays a huge part in the energies that we attract and the energies that we diffuse.

     Vulnerability is of the weak and of the poor. Or is it? More over, with the animal kingdom, It is survival of the fittest. Animals of all likes and kinds have learned to retaliate since it’s their best chance at survival. Hannah Arendt talks about how every being has a purpose since birth. Unfortunately it could be quite possible that some are quite stronger than others and in different ways we care to not acknowledge.


The point of this blog is to ponder on the aspects of life and what is survival and asking yourself how far are you willing to go? Is it important to you?

If so, then you must keep a positive, focused and calm disposition. You must be willing to not be afraid of the places that may scare you. Finally, Remember two things; it’s a journey, and worry about what you can control or help once a day. Because we are here until we are not.



Others said I was lost and confused But remember

                                                                    It’s always what YOU choosesavonne1

The way we see the world

By: The Black Gypsy

The way I saw the world is completely different than how everyone else sees the world .

The struggles of the people of today is no exaggeration at Any sense. But do you know how or if there is a way to control that destiny or that happening?

Pema Chodron – The places that may scare you

Why not worry about what really makes us happy and not what Deter us from it. I always wondered how come people can’t just let IT exist into the world i.e. Their short comings and upbringings. You will be surprised how many people or spirits are in tuned with you.

This society that we feel exists: Is it really practical or are we living in a simulation of a life that we think exists in a hyper real existence if we seek it and feel that it’s there .



Very interesting how I have come to this conclusion .

The world that is or is it even there in the first place. The world . Such a quaint thrown around term that we use consistently. What If it really is a facade or what If it really is what we make it. But then again, what is “real” if nothing real exists anymore and there is only simulation and action.

What is the self If the world is a facade.

We become our environment, and we become the world. What is there to fear if we already are in our environment which is full of negativity and it becomes us. What is there to really pursue? How to escape that reality of what you have been knowing for so long of a time. 


I think you find and come to the conclusion of peace and harmony by understanding what’s around you and come to a self realization that it’s there and you can change it. Once you complete the realization stage , then you are able to find yourself . Only then are you able to find yourself.

What does it mean to be awakened?_____________________________________

A.) Using divinity to decipher meaning.

B.) Opening to different perspectives

C.)The ability to create Art. I.e. Music, prose, literature, or any subject involving the humanities.IMG_5030.jpg

Life has a funny of showing you :Karma

The art of Manifesting your dreams and destiny.

By: The Black Gypsy – In Albania

Excerpts from The Art of Manifesting by Gregg Braden

Did you know that the brain creates electricity, but the heart is stronger than the brain? Hence why we feel more intense, and its harder to conjure the electrical field from the brain.

The things that we find , we should already see it in our future and therefore, it exists.

love and the opposite of love is Fear for most.

An affirmation is only a thought

UNLESS we put energy into what we are thinking, when we marry the thought and the energy, i.e.. time, focus, and passions in our hearts, then the divine will give unto us our very desires.

Do you know about the little brain in our hearts?

I’m inviting you to shift your thinking mind into your heart





So whenever you feel in doubt or not sure of something or yourself, just think and feel one of those feelings, and you will very well be on your way to manifesting your dreams.

For a Gypsy cannot escape the destiny to travel

you cannot escape your past to inspire and to guide others in some shape or form.

You can’t escape your karma.

When you treat people bad , don’t think you gotten away with anything just because you haven’t been caught yet . Life has a funny way of showing everyone whose boss.

The life you may try to take, may turn out to be your very own that can’t save.

For I am the Black Gypsy, bringing good and positivity to everyone I may merrily meet.

Why Positivity is important?

By: The Black Gypsy

The apartment shown in my featured image is where i grew up since i was nine years old until I finally made an out at seventeen. 

Why positive energy is important

     Life can be hard from the time you were born. You could have different speech impediments that cause you social anxiety your early years. You could even be facing death itself every single day. Those are things that we can not control.


     However, the mindset of what we allow in our minds have a direct impact on our lives as a result of our thoughts: be it positive or negative. A child who is three years old can not control their circumstances , as a child in general.

Me at approximately 6 years old

     Myself as a being, knew positivity was deemed necessary for my survival, as of the daggers and spades I’ve been dealt.

Thankfully, My mother, brought me into my life of Astrology. From then on, Spirituality has always been apart of me.

     I began reading tarot cards when I was just thirteen years old. Once that happened, I found another way to connect with the divine by the energy I give out and put into the cards.

     Energy is everywhere and you feel it the moment you walk into a room or the moment you wake up.

Appreciate the world as it is, not how you would like it to be -Epictetus

Why I Travel

Life is so big and we are just morsels in the scope of things.

We are vessels 🚢 meant to sail away in the deep blue and lift those up with life savers , within reason.

Traveling is a dire part of my life that i feel i must do from here on until the day i die. When you travel, its like a break away from the real world. I love escaping and giving myself the time to relax. Even if its just a drive a hour away, its better than not leaving your hometown ever. Period.


There is more to life than meets the eye. Meaning, there is more to life than just you.

Some things are in our control

Others are not. We have no control over how the dice of life are cast. What we control is the hand we play once they are thrown.

Appreciate the world as it is, not how you would like it to be -Epictetus

A Temple in Goa, India 
Langkawi, Malaysia
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