Life has a funny of showing you :Karma

The art of Manifesting your dreams and destiny.

By: The Black Gypsy – In Albania

Excerpts from The Art of Manifesting by Gregg Braden

Did you know that the brain creates electricity, but the heart is stronger than the brain? Hence why we feel more intense, and its harder to conjure the electrical field from the brain.

The things that we find , we should already see it in our future and therefore, it exists.

love and the opposite of love is Fear for most.

An affirmation is only a thought

UNLESS we put energy into what we are thinking, when we marry the thought and the energy, i.e.. time, focus, and passions in our hearts, then the divine will give unto us our very desires.

Do you know about the little brain in our hearts?

I’m inviting you to shift your thinking mind into your heart





So whenever you feel in doubt or not sure of something or yourself, just think and feel one of those feelings, and you will very well be on your way to manifesting your dreams.

For a Gypsy cannot escape the destiny to travel

you cannot escape your past to inspire and to guide others in some shape or form.

You can’t escape your karma.

When you treat people bad , don’t think you gotten away with anything just because you haven’t been caught yet . Life has a funny way of showing everyone whose boss.

The life you may try to take, may turn out to be your very own that can’t save.

For I am the Black Gypsy, bringing good and positivity to everyone I may merrily meet.

Why Positivity is important?

By: The Black Gypsy

The apartment shown in my featured image is where i grew up since i was nine years old until I finally made an out at seventeen. 

Why positive energy is important

     Life can be hard from the time you were born. You could have different speech impediments that cause you social anxiety your early years. You could even be facing death itself every single day. Those are things that we can not control.


     However, the mindset of what we allow in our minds have a direct impact on our lives as a result of our thoughts: be it positive or negative. A child who is three years old can not control their circumstances , as a child in general.

Me at approximately 6 years old

     Myself as a being, knew positivity was deemed necessary for my survival, as of the daggers and spades I’ve been dealt.

Thankfully, My mother, brought me into my life of Astrology. From then on, Spirituality has always been apart of me.

     I began reading tarot cards when I was just thirteen years old. Once that happened, I found another way to connect with the divine by the energy I give out and put into the cards.

     Energy is everywhere and you feel it the moment you walk into a room or the moment you wake up.

Appreciate the world as it is, not how you would like it to be -Epictetus

Why I Travel

Life is so big and we are just morsels in the scope of things.

We are vessels 🚢 meant to sail away in the deep blue and lift those up with life savers , within reason.

Traveling is a dire part of my life that i feel i must do from here on until the day i die. When you travel, its like a break away from the real world. I love escaping and giving myself the time to relax. Even if its just a drive a hour away, its better than not leaving your hometown ever. Period.


There is more to life than meets the eye. Meaning, there is more to life than just you.

Some things are in our control

Others are not. We have no control over how the dice of life are cast. What we control is the hand we play once they are thrown.

Appreciate the world as it is, not how you would like it to be -Epictetus

A Temple in Goa, India 
Langkawi, Malaysia

Peace of Mind


We all wear a mask:

Sometimes in life, the Black is only an illusion, a mask. A mask so nobody can see your soul as being vulnerable. But it’s okay to let your sunshine . Even to those who may dim your light. Though your light may dim, it will never extinguish.

Affirmation: Tell yourself this everyday and watch it come true.

Today starts a new journey. A new feel for life. A new adventure, a new soul to inspire and mature.


We are all just a smaller part of the big picture of life. We are all one, and we all matter. We as beings are suppose to grow and be vessels.


Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind isn’t hard to identify but it is hard to accept. It starts from within and then soothes the soul.

Its important to understand that with the power of manifestation, anything is possible


Philosophies of Life

There are no guides to living your life in success. So are you Living the best life you possibly can live . Out in the wilderness or just thrown into nothingness. Does it feel good?

Do you think your heart is in a safe place? on this journey we must be aware of the things  that are not good for our souls and we must beware of the ones that speak and do and what kind of illness they posess but also may bring to our minds.

Can your fate be stolen from you and you stripped of your entitlements to your rightful path?

The answer is yes.

We have to be weary of manipulators and the Pyschic vampires that come into our lives and use our energy to survive themselves.

Find inspiration in the truth

The Black Gypsy says : Dont Forget the golden rule. Live your life until you cant anymore.




Knowing yourself, through finding the soul

By :The Black Gypsy

Sometimes you must see the world for what it is not, and not what it is.

Humans have expectations for ourselves and others that aren’t meant to be apart of the ego . Our souls transgress through different lives when all feels right and the right path is being traveled.

How do you know you are on the right path?

Once you are able to look at your own self and be satisfied with how you are living and who you are living as can we only be happy and live a fulfilling life.

The Black gypsy says :

Things are only temporary

Some bonds are meant to last for the rest of your life.

Some people are like seasons

That change and don’t stop

But the here and now is all you have

To prepare and have the best chance at a meaningful life

At the end of it all

By: The Black Gypsy

All I can do is say,”Thank You.”

When things don’t go my way or when I don’t know how to decipher between right and wrong or good and bad, I do not question which way the dice are🎲 thrown. Even though they may be proven to be thorns in my neck, I know I am not going down.

Until it is my time. A time that I or you do not know.

2018-04-05 16.12.43

Life has some joy. Life has enough happiness for us all.

I have to be strong.💪 WE have to be strong and find the motivation to stay. We must develop daggers of light.

We must shine bright and keep shining on until we find out where we are supposed to go and how we are supposed to protect ourselves.

The way is not simple.

What if you don’t know the answer to something you’ve been praying, wishing, and meditating on for months. But to no avail, an answer has not been found. Even though you may not know where to go or how to find the answer. One thing that must be done is still making that choice. Which will bring you to the next steps of your fate?

“Not making a choice is like tossing your fate to the wind. Or setting a piece of paper on fire.



Base your choice on what you know and what you feel. At least you will be guiding your own fate. “


RIP (Rest in Peace Anthony Bourdain ) Or LF (Live Forever) Kate Spade

The way I see it

By: The Black Gypsy

I’m not religious. I don’t believe in the man with horns. Because if it were true he would’ve gotten me a long time ago. My light is just too strong and whoever brought me here said I’m not leaving until finished and done.

Why do I feel so misunderstood
To where nobody can reach me
Or even rescue me?

There’s not enough rope to tie me down. There are not enough miles created that i cant walk. The world can be a cruel place. It’s not the world, rather than whos in it.


During the process of watering your wine, the circumstances that are surrounding you in life can bring you down. Sometimes you may have a frown on your face because things seem like they aren’t going to work out in your favor.


There have been many more before us that have accomplished great deals and astronomical Feats.



That’s what life can sometimes bring. I love being on my own because it’s true, I hate facing reality. In my world, there are no more feelings of blue. I exist just to be a vessel and complete things.

In the physical realm, we all have to water our wine.  -Meaning we must bear fruit then grow wisdom in others to complete the reason for our very existence. Don’t know the times and trials and dates. But i do know we all have them. It’s important to find and identify them so we can help others because, at the end of it all, we all have to share this world.

We have no control when we were to leave.

We have no knowledge of how.

It’s just the way the world is.


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

– Helen Keller

Finding the Unknowns

I don’t give a fuck what anyone has to say to me.


Fill the air with your criticisms but i will stand be standing

So what if I wear a Fanny pack so what if I have a fro and just like to sport a nice Turkish shawl.



Who cares about what others think and what others should wear?


You don’t define me or who I am as a person.

You can’t say when to come or when to go?

Since I was 15 and started making my own money, I have always chased my own pursuits and sought out to just LIVE. Some are fortunate than others to be born of a more savory cloth.

but just know that there is always YOU :
your mannerisms, your attitude, the things you do and the way you do them,


there’s only one you
so make the best you
The Black Gypsy says :

All you can do is be positive and hope that the next day will be the best one yet to come. Always wanting to grow and evolve constantly and consistently is the key to something meaningful. Selfish desires won’t get you to the light.

Go into the darkest places to learn some things about life. Discovering the unknowns that society or life has left behind.


A mother’s wish

Someone once told me life ain’t fair,

And from then that’s what I

Believed. It was my mother . I remember the how she would moan in disdain while we wait for our moment in the sun. We lived in a one bedroom apartment with my three brothers.

Before the apartment, I was in foster care for about 2-3 years. I think I was in foster care then we landed the apartment, I didn’t know at the time it included my stepfather , Jack Fletcher.

Those years were intense and tumultuous. But the point of this blog isn’t to scare you, it’s to make you aware of the circumstances in my life, and why my mother and I thought many times for when will our light shine under the circumstances.

I digress. I like to think things have changed and life has called her to heaven.

But it’s okay

I know I must carry on the journey until our dreams have been fulfilled.

The Black Gypsy says – acknowledge what is holding you back , and accept your fate. Then and only can you change your destiny.

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