The world

Today  is here Tomorrow may never come for some Half of us  our souls Captured by bubonic rules Suffering fools Captivating history And yet everything a mystery Where is the love Where are our promises From our ancestors All around through the ground and beyond Down and beyond Shine upon light this world Wrap your hands inContinue reading “The world”

Practices of a vessel

3/20/2018 How can you wrong the universe? I have something to say in a world where nobody else words matters but of the majority. The way this society is built to where we govern our thoughts. The life of tomorrow is what we see at the end of every day and tunnel. O my brothers,Continue reading “Practices of a vessel”

What is saving you?

THE VIRTUES OF A PERSON What does Superior man do? The superior man thinks of virtue and isn’t concerned with the things that he can not control. Negativity can be turned into a positive. Just like in integers stemming from Algebra. Balance and virtuosity is the key to a well-lived life. For example, some mayContinue reading “What is saving you?”