How to use the second sight

Realize who you are what you have I am safe when the moon rises and I am sound when the sun comes down. ___________________________________ The Black Gypsy says Today marks the preconception of a new beginning. You should welcome everything as it brings you into a higher consciousness. Different perspectives and the truth will onlyContinue reading “How to use the second sight”

Peace of Mind

  We all wear a mask: Sometimes in life, the Black is only an illusion, a mask. A mask so nobody can see your soul as being vulnerable. But it’s okay to let your sunshine . Even to those who may dim your light. Though your light may dim, it will never extinguish. Affirmation: TellContinue reading “Peace of Mind”

Knowing yourself, through finding the soul

By :The Black Gypsy Sometimes you must see the world for what it is not, and not what it is. Humans have expectations for ourselves and others that aren’t meant to be apart of the ego . Our souls transgress through different lives when all feels right and the right path is being traveled. HowContinue reading “Knowing yourself, through finding the soul”

Bewildernment of a soul

By: The Black Gypsy Tired of things not going your way? Still trying to find answers that you may never see? Are you going to be okay with the responses that you have received? These are many questions that I cannot bear to answer myself. I must be a witness to the unknown for IContinue reading “Bewildernment of a soul”

What is saving you?

THE VIRTUES OF A PERSON What does Superior man do? The superior man thinks of virtue and isn’t concerned with the things that he can not control. Negativity can be turned into a positive. Just like in integers stemming from Algebra. Balance and virtuosity is the key to a well-lived life. For example, some mayContinue reading “What is saving you?”