Don’t be afraid of mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a powerful time in the universe that happens to make everything debunked for a period of time.

Mercury in retrograde has taught me to gather my focus and belief. Focus is everything when you are in a tough trial or lesson that’s going on in your life.

Since I am a Virgo, mercury is my ruling planet. This means that social communication will not be as smooth and easy going WITHOUT more practice and efficiency.

I use this time as a time to not forgetting about my practices in life that I need daily.

Mediation and meditation is fundamental for the body. Just as life lessons are fundamental for the soul.

So next time you hear of mercury in retrograde, don’t be afraid, just remember your fundamentals, the fundamentals that have kept you alive , and practice practice , and practice!

The Black Gypsy says –

Never lose FOCUS.


We are Stars

Have you ever wondered exactly what we are made up of?I know science has shown us how and what our body contains, but what is overlooked are the elements.

The Black Gypsy says:


We are made up of Star stuff. Each part of us is made up of an element from the universe as we know it. The universe is heavenly and all in it is suppose to be. Things that are prevalent and just are rare and eager to find.

If we knew more about our bodies and what we are made up of it would be easier to cure our illnesses, physically, mentally and perhaps even emotionally.

Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All 11 are necessary for life.

The world

Today  is here

Tomorrow may never come for some

Half of us  our souls

Captured by bubonic rules

Suffering fools

Captivating history

And yet everything a mystery

Where is the love

Where are our promises

From our ancestors

All around

through the ground and beyond

Down and beyond

Shine upon light this world

Wrap your hands in soil

And cover them and

Make mud

Strong mud


And yet we never sleep

But its okay

Our names won’t die in vain

For our ancestors

And love ones

Our memories will live on forever

And one day we shall know we should not be together

Physicalities are only this

O this world and none other

And yet we rip ourselves under the covers

But I say to you this

My sisters and brothers

And every person of any color

We are all one

Underneath the sun

The horizon

The falls

The downs and the ups

Affects us all

One Trinkle

One dust

We tend to crawl

And ask for mercy

And beg for forgiveness

For everything that the people have done

To this world

yet its quite a whirlpool

It goes around in a cycle

Maybe another 100


But we will be okay

All of the problems will wash away

And we will live to face another day

Everyday that we take

Don’t take it granted

Get those seeds planted

From inside of you

And make a new

A brand new day

A brand new way

A brand new life

For the ones that have sacrifice


And yet none cares or wonders why

But I say to you

I believe and see a world

Of peace of mind

A world of truth

A world of forever youth

For inside we will always be growing and made a new

The Functions w/Excerpts from Alan Watts

 I believe that people should be constantly growing 

And constantly getting better mentally, physically, spiritually 

If you aren’t growing then what are you doing here 

Are you happy 

What is happiness and will you ever find it 

Sometimes you just have to follow your own path in life 

And just learn your own lessons 

Excerpts of Alan Watts

The only way to handle danger is face it 

If you ever meet a ghost 

Dont run away 

Walk straight into it 

And it will go away 

The function of the guru 

Cards of Life

In the captivity

I dont know what day of quarantine it is but all I know is time goes 

Slower when you are by yourself and there’s plenty to create.

But what if you don’t want to go to sleep so much because you have nightmares about exes, 

And  past lives. 


Alan watts say be strong in a lot of his videos. 

I want to be in love but there’s no one to love me 

I should not settle or be lonely for I’ll always be okay. 

I dont know when this pandemic will end but I do know 

It can’t lasts forever 

This too shall pass and we’ll be okay 

The dreams will fade away and you will go back to being your happy self again

Its just going to take some time 

Plenty of drinks 

And a plethora amount of weed 

Life is never fair 

It deals you the cards 

and you have to just play your best hand. 

Avicii: A Blog

I fell in love with Avicii in 2013. I loved the message of, “I could be the one.” I saw the video and lost my mind because i could relate so much to it and at that time I felt like i didn’t have anyone in my life to really understand me. I played his video and I became connected with him ever since.

I can’t stop dancing to Dear Boy, or i move my feet when Sometimes i feel (Avicii Outta Miami mix) comes on.

One of his last pictures

I am a virgo born on September 1, and he was born on September 8. I know that we are all connected into the world and there is meaning in everything in life. I know i have what he had in him to move on and continue to carry the torch of the type of music he composed and produced.

Life is so short but while going through it feels long and drawn out. I am waiting patiently for my time of preparation and discovery. I have my blog, my podcast, my book, and most importantly, my book.

Avicii changed lives and helped me keep mine.

If you have any other comments or suggestions that you would like to add to the blog, don’t be afraid to email me or just comment.

The purpose of this blog is to remember a phenomenal Disc Jockey that could move the earth with one spin.

You can feel his sadness in ,”Hope Theres Someone.”

So NOT RIP but LF (Live Forever)

Working ferociously in the studio
Coming home from being on the road

Hodgepodge : Fragments

Excerpts from Heraclitus


Hi, I am the black gypsy and welcome to Hodgepodge. Hodgepodge is a place 

where you can go when the clouds appear to hear uplifting spiritual messages, music, all types of stuff, deemed the term hodgepodge. 

So I’ve been making beats for some years now, the year 2016 to be exact. I play the guitar and mess with the piano a little bit.

Standing up for those who feel alone. It’s okay 

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter at The Black Gypsy and on Instagram at Marz Knicely Check out my music on Soundcloud at The Black Gypsy. 

I show a lot of food and give basic inspiration. 

Welcome to another episode of Hodgepodge 

So Im happy to be apart of history. 

I have a few things today that I want to talk to you all about. 

I guess part of that is my old relationship 

Yes I was in a domestic violence situation but 

I keep my head up held high



It is one and the same tone living or dead , awake or asleep , young or old. The former aspect In each case becomes the latter, and the latter the former.

Human nature has no set purpose , but the divine has. 

For we are all one . 

Vessels in life 

Heraclitus also talks about how you cannot step twice into the same river , for other waters are continually flowing. 

Yes I was in a domestic violence situation but 

I keep my head up held high

And know that I am the only one for me. And thats okay . Unless its some amazing person that I meet and sweeps me off my feet 

Leave me be. I have a lot of things going on and a relationship cannot and will not be one of those things. 

Here is the only one. 

But I am happy and alone but never lonely 

Which brings me to having structure in my life . 

I feel like its important to not just have structure, but the right kind of structure and foundation

My partner and I were only meant to be friends but I guess I was too blind by us having the same birthday everything would be ok. 

I did take into account our numerology numbers were 9 and 4 and they were not compatible . I did take into the fact that he was a Tiger in Chinese astrology and I a dragon. 

But everything happens for a reason and some amazing songs have come out of this deranged breakup. 

So here’s structure hope you enjoy 

But I am happy and alone but never lonely 


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Hodgepodge is a place 

where you can go when the clouds appear to hear uplifting spiritual messages, music, all types of stuff, deemed the term hodgepodge. 

Remember the sun always shine through 

The things that we do for love

Sometimes im not sure who I love and why I love them.

Sometimes I know we aren’t meant to be together

But then sometimes I think differently

I will NOT be disrespected. By anyone and anything.

If you don’t know what you want in your life leave. I don’t need someone in my life that’s not right for me.

The Story of Happiness

By: The Black Gypsy

Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you think you deserve.

Immanuel Kant – The critique of pure reason
Unlike the stoics , where they believe the pursuit of happiness is secondary to ones duties.

Kierkegaard believes that everyone can be great in the own way.

I say yes, because it all depends on what your definition of great truly is.
Is it a way to be free and live your life to the upmost as you can?

Is it a hobby or a skill that you have pursued for years and years and you seem to have mastered it?
Is it because you go above and beyond, at work? Or is because you BELIEVE in yourself?

Positivity plays a huge part and loving the parts of life that can be hard to love.

You have to not be afraid to go into the dark places because thats how your eyes can get adjusted and you can learn to see .

The Black Gypsy says : Happiness is whatever you believe it to be. It is a place of peace and worry nonexistent .

But is it impenetrable or can it break?

Good Enough

When things don’t go your way do you still feel as though you are good enough?

My life began when I recall my father picking up my brother at the age of three and my mother told him don’t do that because he will remember. My father said no I wouldn’t. The rest is history.

In school I always was told I wasn’t good enough. I would get taunted and teased and that made me believe that I was less than everyone else.

When I turned eight, I knew life wasn’t going to be easy or fair.
So I decided to write and write every idea that I had as a way for me to escape my own hell. From Reality.

I turned my words into poetry and my poetry into songs.

I wrote Good Enough because I know someone in life need to hear these words of affirmation.

To the little boy who doesn’t have enough to eat, To the stuttering girl who has trouble to speak, to the bullies that are bullying others because they dont have enough love at home, I understand. I forgive you and I dont hold anything against you.

To everyone who feel like they can’t make it when life throws them things that they dont know how to catch,

The Black Gypsy Says – You ARE good enough.

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