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9th house in Astrology: know your Luck

This is extremely interesting. If you want to learn about the house of LUCK.

Vedic Astrology

9th house is the house of your Guru(teacher), luck, it’s for your next life, many unconventional teachings in it, your inbuilt talent. Luck is a factor where things easy to do. Your daily data recording in 9th house which is your luck house if you are doing good things then your luck enhance for future. That means whatever you do it will repay you either good or bad. Luck is the thing which is derived from your deeds. In Kaal Purush ka kundali this is Sagittarius sign which says just keep focusing on your aim and you will repay for your deed. Jupiter is a natural ruler of 9th house which is the natural beneficial planet. So it will give you the opportunity to enjoy your luck for a specific time one day. Nobody in this world who never enjoy his luck for certain period of time everyone enjoys his…

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